Opinion Line Extra (June 14)

06/14/2013 12:00 AM

06/13/2013 5:08 PM

The last man born in the 19th century has passed away. Father Time marches on.

I was ready to enroll my twins, who recently graduated from a local high school, at Wichita State University. After reading and listening to Kansas leaders such as Sam Brownback, Kris Kobach and Susan Wagle, I am following their lead. My kids have been enrolled at the University of Texas.

Is it me or do the characters from the movie “Dumb and Dumber” seem like geniuses compared with our Kansas elected officials?

This country needs to stop the whole “assault-style weapon” jargon. An assault weapon is what I used in the military. I have a similar-looking one for personal and hunting use, but it is one shot with one pull of the trigger. It is not fully automatic.

It’s true that texting while driving is dangerous. Whenever I am driving behind or alongside someone who is texting or dialing, I want to drag them out of their car and slap them.

Why all the pity for Gene Stephenson? People are losing jobs every day, and they sure don’t make more than $500,000 a year. He should have a pretty good nest egg.

Stephenson had a chance to retire rather than be fired. Stubborn to the end, he chose the latter. It wasn’t WSU’s fault. Good riddance. Move forward, people.

A country that ignores its schools now is determining its economy later. Children in the U.S. lag most other industrialized nations in all categories. We will be immigrating people for their education.

Addiction is a terrible thing. In one instance, addiction has taken away the ability of Congress to control its own greed and lust for power. In another, likewise our esteemed national administration.

The NSA whistle-blower is an American hero and patriot. Under President Obama, privacy has disappeared.

According to Republicans, it was OK for George Bush and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to read our e-mails and listen to phone conversations, but when Obama does the same thing it is the end of the world.

Now we know that the only shovel-ready jobs that Obama had ready to go were at the NSA spy center in Utah. The stimulus spending helped cover for the huge amounts of money being spent in Utah.

Thank goodness for congressional outrage over the NSA’s snooping into our electronic communications. Now our government will stop that. Ha-ha.

I wonder why, after spending billions of dollars, millions of lives and scores of years promoting democracy around the world, some in power are showing budding democrats how to undo the democratic process by gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc.

Attention, all U.S. congressmen: I will not support any immigration bill that does not involve securing our borders first. Period.

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