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June 12, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (June 12)

Big Brother is watching and listening. Perv.

Big Brother is watching and listening. Perv.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied about collecting data on the American public. He should have just said “no comment.” Attorney General Eric Holder was not truthful about his involvement in reporter James Rosen’s persecution. Benghazi is still being covered up. The pattern is scary.

The White House has put off the annual congressional picnic. Apparently the president was too busy writing a speech about his charm offensive with Congress. That ought to help their tattered relations.

President Obama claims to be a great conciliator. But when Republicans do not immediately come to heel, they are called names. This is not his promised compromise. It is not leadership. It is mud throwing and gutter politics, and it is harmful for America.

How embarrassing for us for Obama to go to California to meet the president of China and his wife, and for Michelle Obama to stay home. I don’t remember any other U.S. president hosting dignitaries from another country without his wife. Shame on her.

Aren’t there committees and subcommittees in Congress that are responsible for overseeing the IRS? It looks like they weren’t doing their job.

When is Congress going to repay the money looted from the Social Security trust fund?

My wife lived in Libya for 21 years and is considered an expert on the Arabs. From day one she has said the West has to stay out for there to be resolution. Let them kill one another until the Saudis and Jordanians are forced to take action. It is their home, not ours.

Wow – “quality of life” means dead lawns and working public fountains? Where’s my cake? How many toilet flushes is 3.8 million gallons?

We see that Senate President Susan Wagle has drunk the Brownback Kool-Aid and now demands all Kansans drink the poison with her.

Firing Gene Stephenson was the right move. The WSU baseball program and recruiting had gone downhill. If you let him fill out his contract, recruiting would be doomed. Stephenson was receiving more money for coaching than the job he was doing. Let’s move on. I vote for Kevin Hooper.

Why is athletic director Eric Sexton waiting so long to hire Hooper? It is the most obvious choice in recent coaching history.

Gregg Marshall might be wise to reconsider his loyalty to Wichita State athletics given the fiasco of Stephenson’s departure.

Uh-oh – something must be wrong with the Royals again.

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