Opinion Line (June 12)

06/12/2013 12:00 AM

06/11/2013 5:19 PM

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South-central Kansas is our state’s most-productive wheat-growing region. We should prohibit, as much as possible, business and residential development that encroaches on these fertile areas, which are vital to feeding ourselves and much of our world population.

The last major structural beam was recently raised for our new terminal at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. This means we are one jubilant day closer to having to absorb higher passenger, security and parking fees to travel to the same locations. My ebullience is indescribable.

Before they spend money, maybe the Wichita school board and the city should be asking themselves, “Do I really need that?”

If the school board wants to close schools, let’s tear down East High. It’s the oldest school in Wichita. Proper maintenance should have been done on Southeast High instead of putting in a nice new parking lot.

Nice try by Senate President Susan Wagle to make the already failed Brownback tax plan seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread (June 8 Opinion). You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Has Wagle lost her common sense in order to be a carnival barker for Gov. Sam Brownback’s misguided economic policies?

People with devious, dark secrets would prefer they remain in the dark. The NSA and other paranoids tell you Edward Snowden is an enemy of the state. Judging by their unbridled spying, they must believe us all to be enemies of the state. Snowden is an American hero.

I see that the Obama Democrat-owned media are trying to discredit the well-spoken patriot Edward Snowden, while at the same time trying to ignore the criminal and unconstitutional actions of the administration.

The most important game of the season, perhaps of K-State baseball history, and you start a freshman pitcher who has never started a game before? I fail to see the logic.

As a female K-State graduate, I was extremely disappointed to see a men’s baseball team take the big headline in the Sunday Eagle’s Sports section with a regional win, over a women’s track team that won a national championship. Hats off the KU women’s track and field team.

It’s too bad more people won’t watch the Tony Awards. It tends to be the most entertaining awards show of the year.

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