Opinion Line Extra (June 11)

06/10/2013 5:03 PM

06/10/2013 5:03 PM

Is assault with a Riverfest button on a police officer a felony? One wonders.

The Kids’ Corner at Riverfest had wonderful entertainment. Balloon Man, Doc Gizmo and Roscoe the magician are always fun. But get rid of the guy who burned himself in front of my children trying to eat fire. That was not family friendly at all.

The only mistake that WSU made during the Gene Stephenson era was hiring him back after he resigned to take the Oklahoma job.

Gregg Marshall had better get his team to the Final Four again next year, or Eric Sexton is liable to fire him.

Why doesn’t the Wichita Police Department bring back the motorcycle unit to catch all the drivers who run red lights?

I just heard that public schoolteachers don’t pay Social Security tax. Is this true?

Gov. Sam Brownback traveled all over the state saying that higher education budgets should not be cut. Then we find out that meant nothing. If he used taxpayer money for those trips, this should be returned to us immediately.

President Obama said that the massive data collection by the government is not snooping. Right, and the IRS is your friend.

No matter if it’s a ship’s captain, general, CEO, business owner, minister or the U.S. president, when there are serious problems, each is ultimately responsible. Time for Obama to go.

There are a lot of Republicans who won’t be criticizing government tracking phone records. After all, they approved that as part of the USA Patriot Act.

Does the American public really believe that China’s and Russia’s presidents are leaders of free countries? If it does, this country is already gone.

Before we get another blowhard crowing “a majority of people support this” or “a majority want that,” remember the authors of our Constitution set up a check on the tyranny of the many, because the majority can be as malevolent to the rights of the few as any despot.

I would like to thank the Greatest Generation for building this country, and fighting for the freedoms that are rapidly being taken from us. You did your part. Without you, those freedoms would have vanished decades ago. Thank you for it.

Opponents of the implementation of Common Core standards obviously lack an understanding of the standards’ origin and developers, and the solid reasoning behind them. Of course, these opponents don’t have time to research this readily available information because they are busy looking for black helicopters and alien invaders.

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