Opinion Line (June 11)

06/10/2013 5:03 PM

06/10/2013 5:03 PM

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With all the clandestine phone and Internet tracking going on, shouldn’t we already know all the communication traffic between Washington, D.C., and the Cincinnati IRS office?

I am about 40 years into my chocolate diet. It’s not working, but I am like the government. I’ll keep doing the same thing and hope for different results.

Rep. Mike Pompeo and his congressional cohorts suffer from a chronic disease: overactive blather.

Kansas would be a better place with more people like the Rev. Jeff Gannon (“Pastor sees lawsuit as taxes vs. children,” June 9 Eagle).

Self-reliance and personal responsibility are two important attributes we possess in America. It seems that when you become politically correct, you give away these attributes to others who are clueless.

Doesn’t the Kansas Legislature understand that every dollar a college graduate owes for his education is one dollar less he will be able to spend in the Kansas economy once he graduates? Kansas should be raising higher-ed funding, not cutting it.

Here we go again. WSU is requesting to raise its tuition rates by 8.1 percent. It is totally blowing by my salary’s percentage increases and the rate of inflation. WSU officials need to rein in their bloated spending levels and quit punishing their students.

Kudos to the WSU president for having the foresight to build an on-campus dormitory. This will be of great benefit for years to come for students and the community.

I thought that universities were about academics, and not basketball and baseball.

Some people believe that for-profit organizations are more efficient because they engineer ways to make products better or at a lower cost. But I see businesses improve their bottom line by cutting employee pay and benefits, not by improving the production process.

Why is the “gunman” always a man?

Thank you, Riverfest staff, for making the button mandatory. After 30 years of buying two to eight buttons per year, I was getting tired of footing the bill for all the freeloaders.

Jail inmates are upset by the new Charmin restrictions? I’m more disgusted that my enlisted son and his friends have to buy toilet paper themselves at the military base. Perhaps after the brave soldiers of the U.S. are provided for, I’ll consider pitying inmates.

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