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June 9, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (June 9)

If I have a question of our government, do I need to ask it or just make a call on Verizon?

If I have a question of our government, do I need to ask it or just make a call on Verizon?

If you don’t think we are on the down side of the slippery slope, then try to justify the NSA’s seizure of Verizon customers’ phone records. Thankfully, I am not a Verizon customer. But this latest intrusion on private citizens scares me. What will Big Brother do next?

While the IRS conventions, meetings, parties and videos are a criminal misuse of tax money and should be prosecuted as such, they are not a drop in the bucket when it comes to the daily waste and misuse of tax money by government and its employees.

Attempts to defend the current administration by comparing Benghazi to Sept. 11 are idiotic. Sept. 11 was a surprise attack and an unexpected act of war. However, the attack in Benghazi should have been foreseen, because there had been other attacks and our diplomats had pleaded for more security.

I’m a Republican, but I don’t plan on voting for one in the next election

Took a lot of guts for WSU athletic director Eric Sexton to get rid of Gene Stephenson. If he were still winning titles, we’d probably still be looking past his behavior, though. Karma. Finally.

Stephenson was given the opportunity to resign with dignity or be fired. In his arrogance, he chose the latter and gripes about it being unfair. When one is fired, it’s never fair. He should take pride in the accomplishments and move on.

How could an athletic department and fans get rid of the second-winningest active baseball coach in history? The man who created WSU baseball is ousted because of a season in which he only won the MVC Tournament? Arrogant egos and dollars once again beat out common sense. Only in Wichita.

Anybody else having second thoughts about the management at WSU? What does the faculty think?

The person who mentioned “drug addicts, illegals and the uneducated” needs an education himself. This college-educated drug addict knows that addiction meets the medical criteria for disease, and is most successfully treated when regarded as such. I also know that no amount of education can bring compassion to the self-righteous.

I just finished a biography of the Booth family. It’s scary how many people today think like John Wilkes Booth. And consider him a great American.

I was driving less than 30 mph on a residential street and braked for a squirrel. I was nearly hit by an SUV that must have been going 50 mph. Maybe the police could run a few speed traps on residential streets to teach people to drive with respect for others.

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