Opinion Line Extra (June 10)

06/10/2013 12:00 AM

06/07/2013 6:48 PM

Why did The Eagle fail to observe the anniversary of D-Day on June 6? We wouldn’t have the freedom of the press and all our other freedoms we have if not for D-Day.

I hope The Wichita Eagle prints a list of all those legislators who voted for increasing the sales tax in Kansas. I want to know whom to vote against in the next election.

Where does some judge get off overruling a government death panel’s decision not to give a sick little girl a chance at life? This was the same kind of thing the evil insurance companies pull. Sure is a good thing we changed everything.

It was interesting to listen to all the flowery words President Obama used to describe Susan Rice. Then you remember the outright falsehoods that she told the nation on Benghazi. And he is amazed when people don’t believe him.

Sorry, Bob Dole. You don’t compromise with hardened socialists and Marxists. They don’t compromise, and we shouldn’t either. (It got Leon Trotsky killed.)

Some people will prove their dishonesty, their lack of intellectual integrity and their total abandonment of simple common sense to support a foolish and wrongheaded ideology. Yes, that means you – you who will support the “leader” simply because of ethnicity or party politics.

Obama’s legacy will be written – the only president in the United States ever to put thousands and thousands of miles on Air Force One doing nothing worthwhile for citizens. A pleasure craft is what Air Force One has been to the Obamas.

Former Democratic Rep. Jim Slattery advocating for debt reduction (June 6 Opinion)? How about advocating for the Second Amendment, or closing the border? Is he serious? Of course not. Maybe he should start with his party in Washington.

The recent rains have helped, but we are not out of the woods yet. I believe everyone should do his part to conserve water. What really bothers me is seeing businesses with the sprinklers going when it is raining. Maybe these companies should be fined.

The city needs to accept all water conservation proposals, no matter how many gallons they save. It then needs to tell the same group of people to conserve even more. And shut off the fountains and conserve our water.

I like that old-time rock and roll.

Over by Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis, I witnessed two adult women lead a group of children catty-corner across the street when there were two perfectly painted crosswalks. What we teach kids….

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