Opinion Line Extra (June 8)

06/08/2013 12:00 AM

06/07/2013 5:32 PM

I am reading the comments lamenting the way Gene Stephenson was let go from WSU. I wonder how they felt when Stephenson and his crew accepted the University of Oklahoma position without telling fans and former players first. Yes, he changed his mind. But please don’t talk about loyalty and WSU not being fair to him.

Gene Stephenson: Please pack up the River Festival and take it with you.

Why not have the Riverfest every other year? I think people will understand.

At the Riverfest, every time I looked up everyone was taking my picture. What – hasn’t anyone seen a grown man in a tutu before?

Instead of raising tuition for the universities every year, why don’t we cut the pay of the part-time teachers and lazy professors who don’t even work a 40-hour week?

Why haven’t the local TV stations and Cox Cable complied with the 2010 federal law on loud commercials? But then there are no penalties for ignoring this law.

We are all so tired of the cable company’s same old commercials. Please either take them off or put a new one on for sanity’s sake. I’m sure glad we have a mute button.

The current Republican politicians imagine themselves to be sly foxes pushing the agenda of the super rich undetected, but Americans are beginning to see them as the rabid wolves they are – wolves who gorge themselves at America’s economic carcass while leaving nary a scrap for average Americans.

Rep. Mike Pompeo sells his soul to big oil and then gives a speech about freedom (June 1 Local & State). Really.

The prodigious collection of everyone’s Internet and phone-call information by the NSA and FBI is indicative of a government that is out of control and has no respect for its citizens’ privacy rights.

The NSA is keeping tabs on all our phone records. Shocking. Really? Don’t you know they’ve been keeping up with every electronic communication in the world for decades?

If not complicit or incompetent, what other reason explains the posture of the White House?

Wait, the IRS can’t find its receipts? How about recovering the unaccounted expenses from IRS management pay? Plus interest.

Maybe it is misguided for women to serve in close-quarters areas of the military, given the sexual abuse that is going on. The “greatest generation” knew better than to use the military for social experiments like this.

Diapers and politicians should be changed often, both for the same reason.

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