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06/09/2013 12:00 AM

06/07/2013 4:55 PM

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Regarding “Jail unrolls restrictions on Charmin usage” (June 6 Eagle): Thank you, Sheriff Jeff Easter. Jail is not supposed to be the Hampton Inn. And let’s get a cheaper toilet paper. Anyone caught misusing it should pay for every roll wasted. Don’t like the rules? Stay out of jail.

I find it highly offensive and lacking in all logic that just because someone has a brain-sucking rude machine, otherwise known as a cellphone, he should be able to butt in line at the driver’s license office.

A reduction of the sales tax from 6.3 to 6.15 percent is unlikely to have any effect on business. The business just passes it on, and the consumer will see no great increase in buying power. It is an example of the lack of fiscal logic of the governor and Legislature.

I am truly concerned for our country. We have a president who is arrogant, defiant and dishonest. With all the scandals going on, it seems that lying and cover-ups are the norm in this administration. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder need to go.

If we want to remain competitive as a world power, we must reduce wasteful spending on the military and health care and be willing to pay the taxes and take the steps necessary to maintain our infrastructure, educate our children, provide affordable health care to our citizens and eliminate the deficit.

Though liberals caused some good and just things to come about decades ago, it doesn’t necessarily follow that their deeds and goals are good for us now and in the future.

A social advocate fighting community hunger from a century ago would stand in slack-jawed amazement that today in America we are concerned about how fat our poor people are.

Anyone who thinks genetically altered seed is going to kill someone is either totally misinformed or just plain stupid.

The Shocker athletic department has no class or sense of history. Regardless of the decision on Gene Stephenson, the way it was handled was despicable.

Fickle Shocker baseball fans who quit coming to the games because the past few years weren’t up to snuff shouldn’t bother coming back. If it were in my power, I would keep you out. There is only room for the real fans who never gave up. It’s called loyalty.

Athletics are no different from the business world. If the CEO of a company is not performing and the company is not turning a profit, the CEO must go. If the peak of your career occurred 24 years ago, it is time for you to step aside.

It is amazing what whiny boosters, melancholic sportswriters and sports administrators with ego issues can stir up.

The Wichita Wingnuts had a “Hip Hop Night with Tribute to 2Pac”? Did nobody google 2Pac? Are they nuts?

Bring back the hot-air balloons.

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