Opinion Line (June 10)

06/10/2013 12:00 AM

06/07/2013 4:41 PM

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I am new to Wichita, but it is easy to see that Wichita does not have a water-supply problem but a water-usage problem. Has no one in this city heard of Bermuda or zoysia grass?

Maybe Spirit AeroSystems should have been playing the lottery and won the recent $590 million jackpot. That would have offset its third-quarter loss charge of the same amount.

Am I the only air traveler who fails to see exactly what we gained by giving up AirTran Airways for Southwest Airlines? The options through Southwest are high-priced and inconvenient, with greater travel times.

Why do we want Canadian tar sands oil pumped across our farmland and aquifer when Canada doesn’t want it pumped the much-shorter distance to its coast for shipping?

Sexual harassment in the military is a self-induced problem, thanks to the lawmakers. A coed environment was forced upon the military. Navy ships have become love boats.

The biggest bipartisan issue Congress faces are the slimeballs within the ranks who throw common sense and principle out the window to adhere to the party line or their next bid for re-election. More than ever we need true statesmen who are principled.

Gun owners: The social engineers dominating our education system are busily and effectively creating the generation that will demand we “turn ‘em all in.”

It’s amazing that Republicans can stab public education in the back in their state budget and look themselves in the mirror. Thanks a lot.

We need to divide the schools in the KSHSAA into 165 classes. That way, no team would be any worse than third or perhaps fourth. “Everybody is a winner” has a new meaning nowadays. Unfortunately, no one really is a winner nowadays.

Thanks for the memories, Gene Stephenson.

So far I do not think the new president of WSU is filling the shoes of Don Beggs. He is building a dorm that takes away premium parking for students and basketball fans, and he let the baseball program take a big hit.

Shame on The Wichita Eagle and three major television stations for not recognizing the Special Olympics, which are just as important as Riverfest. Volunteering for the Special Olympics is always a wonderful way to spend the day.

You have a 9 a.m. doctor appointment. For you it means 9 a.m. To the doctor it means sometime before noon.

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