Opinion Line Extra (June 7)

06/07/2013 12:00 AM

06/06/2013 6:06 PM

The nation will remember Gene Stephenson as the best college baseball coach over the past 30 years. The WSU athletic department’s leaders are about to discover that no competent coach is interested in trying to fill the shoes of a giant while working under ungrateful and shortsighted nincompoops.

Wichita is better than this. Maybe WSU athletic director Eric Sexton should go. I bet basketball coach Gregg Marshall will be thinking how coaches are treated and not stay too long. WSU is being very ungrateful for years of service.

The climate of college sports is due for a climate change. Get back to the original mission – education. The “hire, conspire and fire” way of doing business is not good for student athletes.

We could have better parks, streets and everything if the City Council would quit taking our tax dollars and giving them to private developers and its special friends.

Kudos to the officer in the unmarked vehicle on Tuesday who stopped a man who was impatient to wait for the geese to cross North River Boulevard and almost hit a goose. He was so impatient that he stepped on the accelerator to pass two vehicles in front of him.

Have you noticed that elected officials spend the majority of their time and our tax dollars making decisions regarding interests abroad, but cannot make decisions about issues concerning American citizens in the United States and deny us the benefits of our tax dollars because of the billions sent abroad?

It is one thing for the idiots in Hollywood and the media to marginalize legitimate free political speech with verbal abuse. More pernicious is the use of the IRS to intimidate and limit our guaranteed rights of political expression. So much for “hope and change.”

I’d tell you my opinion of what I think about our president, but I can’t comment on an ongoing criminal investigation.

Forget about Kansas governmental concealed-carry regulations. I’m going open-carry. I am guaranteed that right according to the Constitution. Just ask any tea party ultraconservative.

Racism will be a part of every campaign in this country so long as it is profitable for Democrats to make it a part of every campaign in this country.

Regarding June 6 Opinion Line: “America is getting more liberal and God is sorry”? Isn’t it amazing how God’s views line up so neatly with your own?

I am a liberal living in Kansas. People tell me my vote is a wasted vote. But there is no such thing. If I do not vote, the only thing that is wasted is my constitutionally given power to have a say in government.

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