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06/07/2013 12:00 AM

06/06/2013 6:05 PM

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Southwest has joined the airlines that fly out of Wichita, yet we still can’t fly direct to the East Coast. Even if it were just two flights a day, it would be great to go direct to Newark, JFK or Dulles.

The city, county and state money going toward affordable airfares could be used in so many better ways – better roads, keeping schools open. Now, everyone in the state is paying for the city’s beloved Southwest.

After what the latest session of the Kansas Legislature cost taxpayers, I say it’s time for term limits.

Thank God for Sam Brownback and the tea party – the only sane ones left.

May 31 was the fourth anniversary of the murder of George Tiller. So many women owe a great appreciation to this man who really believed in women. Women who need health care that includes reproductive services share our happiness that his legacy will continue in the heartland.

Regarding the bike lanes on First and Second streets: I love seeing women running in them with huge baby carriages. I love people walking their dogs in the lanes. I love never seeing anyone ride a bike in those lanes. Am I being sarcastic? Yes. What a waste of money.

If the city fines people for using a lot of water in the summer, it needs to figure out a fair way. Single people don’t use as much water as a large family, yet the large family will be able to water a lawn more than a single person.

You can kiss those long, hot showers goodbye.

Thanks to Gene Stephenson for a great run. We pretty much owe the Shocker baseball program and stadium to him. It would have been better if, seeing the handwriting on the wall, he had “retired” rather than make Eric Sexton fire him. Now for a new coach. My vote goes to Kevin Hooper.

First they killed football. Now they’ve crippled baseball. Look out, Gregg Marshall – they’ll be coming after basketball next.

It is about time for Kansas City Chiefs fans to get happy again, only to be beaten back into reality. A new coach and a new quarterback will still bring the same results. It’s the Chiefs.

What happened to quiet background music in restaurants? They have the music blasting so loudly that it is impossible to have a conversation.

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