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June 3, 2013

Opinion Line (June 3)

I was somewhat disappointed to see the lack of people displaying our American flag over Memorial Day weekend.

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I was somewhat disappointed to see the lack of people displaying our American flag over Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day will become minor holidays as fewer citizens choose to defend our country and its Constitution. We have gone from the “Greatest Generation” during World War II down to less than 1 percent who choose to serve their country.

We appreciated so much that the Warren Theatres told a little history about Memorial Day before the show started.

Since Chinese hackers, and probably a lot of others, can steal advanced U.S. weapons designs and private corporation secrets, maybe that kind of information shouldn’t be in computers.

Where is the outcry from the Islamic community against the brutal murder of innocent unarmed people by radical Islamic terrorists?

Oklahoma City and the state provided financial incentives to Boeing management to move jobs there, but they can’t provide a safe climate. The state is No. 1 for tornadoes and No. 3 for flooding (May 25 Eagle).

So the Republicans think the government is bloated and inefficient, even FEMA. What would Oklahoma and New Jersey and their Republican governors do without FEMA? The governor of Oklahoma snubbed our president once before. But there she was when she needed something, walking through the debris with him.

The government’s line on Benghazi is totally confusing: First officials lie about lying, then hide from the fact that they are lying, then try to apologize for the lies they claim they didn’t tell.

Abolish the IRS.

Now the Kochs are complaining that they are being persecuted by the Obama administration. They should be able to afford thicker skins.

Why should we feel sympathy for the Kochs? They need more investigation, not less. Pollution, fines, $67 million given for climate denial nonsense, and the latest – dumping oil sand waste on the Detroit River.

Derby is sad that Riverfest date changes forced Derby Days to move its dates (twice). If we move Derby Days to the fall, please don’t do it again.

After watching the state track meet, it has to be asked: Why do the girls feel the need to run in what looks like their underpants, when the boys seem to do just fine running in longer shorts?

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