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06/02/2013 12:00 AM

05/31/2013 5:18 PM

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More than 90 percent of the American people are in favor of additional background checks in the purchase of guns. Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran voted against this. The gun lobby gave Roberts $30,800 to influence his vote. It got off a bit cheaper with Moran. He received $16,221.

I want proof that 90 percent of Americans want increased background checks. Give me the statistics and where they come from. Are they from liberal polling agencies? I will bet that most of the people who say they want increased background checks live in large Democratic cities and states.

We have learned this year that teachers will take a bullet for our kids and shield them from tornadoes with their own bodies, and yet we have frozen their pay and expect them to buy their own classroom supplies.

Perhaps some teachers complain a lot about their salaries. But the majority of teachers love what they do and the impact they make on the lives of children. If they don’t, then it’s time to leave the profession. Also, many teachers work other jobs or complete required classes in the summer.

No rain last summer, no water restrictions. Rain this year, and they are proposing restrictions. Another case of being gouged. We have to bathe and wash clothes. Get the people with sprinkler systems who run them when it is raining.

Those using three times more water in the summer need to pay the $1,000 fine. Our problem is those in the upper tier using more than their share.

Retribution by the government for having a different political viewpoint is not only illegal, it puts the First Amendment rights of all Americans in jeopardy by sending the chilling message to sit down, shut up and stay silent if you disagree. All those responsible need to go to prison.

How many prominent conservatives have been targeted for retributive IRS tax audits?

The actions of the IRS toward conservatives were reprehensible. But now people are saying that’s how President Obama won re-election. Is it comfortable living in that river in Egypt?

My electricity has been knocked out four times since April from a storm that knocked a tree from my neighbor’s backyard into the lines. After the first time, there should be a fine to the homeowner for each trip out Westar Energy has to make.

On May 25, 1955, a tornado destroyed much of Udall (170 homes, 192 buildings, 87 deaths). The Udall storm is seldom referred to in any review of Kansas tornadoes.

To show my individuality, I dyed my hair blue, painted my fingernails black, got piercings, and got tattoos. I don’t know what went wrong. Now I look like every other goofball.

Blueberry pancakes are scrumptious.

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