Opinion Line (May 29)

05/29/2013 12:00 AM

05/28/2013 5:12 PM

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Our gas must be very good. It is 60 cents more a gallon than in Dallas. Refinery repair, my tail. But in spite of my complaints, I do prefer high-priced gas you can buy to low-priced gas and dry pumps.

If the gas prices are being blamed on the Midwest refineries, then why is it that gas in small towns in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc., is priced considerably less than in Wichita?

If the Ford Rockwell branch library could be transformed into a genealogy library, it would be a great attribute to the city. Please make it so.

What are they thinking? Wichita public swimming pools are opening when it is too cold to swim and closing early in the hottest month of the year.

Regarding the proposed $1,000 fines for overusing water: Fear not, Wichita residents. If those fines are collected in the same manner as Sedgwick County collects past-due property taxes, you will probably succumb to old age first.

I have a beautiful garden that needs and gets water from me and the rain. I have transplants from several generations of family plants. Do not tell me I waste water. I take great pride in new blooms year after year. You will see me out watering all they need.

When I step into a stall in an airport restroom, the stool automatically flushes twice before I sit and twice again when I stand. Urinals are over-flushed as well. If we are serious about conserving water, we need to start doing it in our restrooms.

I just recalled the year that Wild West World was built and didn’t survive, in part because of too much rain. Now here we are hoping for rain. Cue thunder.

Marriage is a religious institution, and therefore should not be defined by the government. This applies to all couples, gay or straight. We should strengthen civil union benefits and make those the role of the government, and leave all marriages to religious institutions.

During the “Grease” sing-along at the Orpheum, my husband’s wedding band fell off. After the movie, I was amazed at how many folks came to our assistance. With their help, it was found. I used to live in Wichita and had forgotten how nice and helpful Wichitans are.

It is not possible to listen to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings without shedding a tear.

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