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May 25, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (May 25)

Worst thing your kid could be: child “star.” Ten years later, train wreck.

Worst thing your kid could be: child “star.” Ten years later, train wreck.

Have you seen House Speaker John Boehner lately? He looks like he’s been dating the Tanning Mom. Come on – Coppertone it down a little.

I’ll mow my lawn whenever I want. It’s not my fault you’re part of the 1 percent of adults who go to bed early.

Kudos, Koch Industries, for the generous $1 million to Moore, Okla. Sorry the article in The Eagle was so inconspicuous. I guess it doesn’t really lead if it bleeds, since a front-page story that day was about the possibility of water fines.

The liberals and their press got down on President Bush for not getting to New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina, but President Obama hasn’t been to Moore yet. It’s been days since that tornado. Double standards, do you think?

Why are conservatives getting their knickers in a twist over the IRS? No political party should be allowed to be tax-exempt. I don’t know what kind of social welfare the tea partiers do, except tear one another apart. That does not deserve tax exemption. Sorry.

With the Benghazi attack, the IRS scandal, and Fast and Furious, President Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout.

Lois Lerner, the IRS official who led the division that targeted the tea party, said she has done nothing wrong. Then she pleaded the Fifth. If she did nothing wrong, as she says, why is she worried about self-incrimination?

When a politician says, “There’s no there there,” you know you’re onto something really devastating to him.

So The Eagle said there were 51 dead in Oklahoma when it was 24. Come on – are we to believe The Eagle was only using the best information it was given at the time, or did it conspire to “mislead” us? Quick, call Congress.

It’s very obvious that Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, learned everything he knows from his mentor Obama. Chicago is the slowest-growing major city in the United States.

Anthony Weiner: Forget a magical return. Go get a real job flipping burgers, if you can.

Regarding May 23 WichiTalk: Parents in Akron, Ohio, pay $170 for two days a week of day care for two kids? That’s on par with the $820 per week my daughter spends for full-time care for two sons in the suburbs of Chicago. Moral of the story? Better have a good job before you have kids.

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