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05/26/2013 12:00 AM

05/24/2013 5:39 PM

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The National Baseball Congress World Series is a true Wichita original product that is in its 79th year. The tradition has brought joy to the fans who watched baseball around the clock. That horse is not dead. It just needs a shiny new saddle and a proud jockey.

Wichita may charge for excessive water use, possibly up to a $1,000 penalty. It should start with the housing developments that water the streets. Also, everyone with a sprinkler system needs to shut off the automatic timer. Too many people and businesses water during rain showers.

So all the great minds can come up with is a plan that promotes wasting water in the winter so you can use more in the summer months? I’m sure my neighbors who have wells are laughing like crazy at this one.

Can you tell from the city’s new meters how much water you use? Fining someone for overuse when he has no way of knowing how much he uses is like telling someone he can only drive so many miles and then ripping the odometer out of the car.

Perhaps El Dorado would charge Wichita less for water if we formed a bucket line from here to there.

Save water. Ban fescue.

I feel sorry for President Obama. He has to be so frustrated. Nobody told him being president was more than just playing golf, flying around the world and rubbing elbows with Hollywood stars. That darn Constitution and its Bill of Rights. I can’t understand why he doesn’t just resign.

The IRS targeted tea party groups that describe taxes as theft. That’s called enforcement.

While The Eagle editorial board was criticizing voter-ID laws as being a stealthy way of suppressing the vote, the real voter suppression was being done by the Obama machine through the IRS.

All teachers can do is complain about their salaries, even though they only work nine months in a year. Never do they say they have good retirement benefits. I know that being a teacher is not always easy, but that’s true of a lot of jobs.

It seems every time there is a tragedy, teachers act heroically to protect their students and save lives. Yet politicians continue to underfund schools and take away teachers’ due process and collective-bargaining rights.

Richard Crowson’s editorial cartoons may seen uncivil to some, but Kansas political figures make themselves cartoons. Ask anyone nationally or worldwide. Kansas politicians are a joke, except we’re not laughing. We pay the price for their misguided partisanship and ineptitude daily – in sales taxes, particularly on food and prescriptions.

The more I hear about those elected to the Legislature and their policies, the less faith I have in the democratic process.

When did Kansas repeal the law requiring motorcycles to stop at stop signs and red lights?

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