Opinion Line (May 27)

05/27/2013 12:00 AM

05/24/2013 5:14 PM

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The United States is becoming more and more liberal. We are not in this condition because we have become more conservative. We are morally bankrupt. Where does this stop? We should not be in a position where anyone could ask if our best years are behind us.

If there is any doubt why we have a Second Amendment covering the right of the individual to bear arms, you just have to look at the unfolding government scandals. Our founders’ brilliance shines through yet again.

I wish we were as eager and willing to protect our children from gun violence while at school as we are to see they have safe places to shelter during severe weather. Even without a shelter, they have a greater chance of surviving severe weather.

Any public school without a bona fide storm shelter should be closed. It is criminal to lock children and staff in a building that is unsafe during a storm, and where they have no opportunity to evacuate to genuine safety.

Why wasn’t Koch Industries’ donation of $1 million to the Oklahoma relief efforts on the front page of Thursday’s Eagle instead of on the bottom of Page 4A?

The Wichita City Council has egg on its face for having issued industrial revenue bonds to finance Ascension’s acquisition of Via Christi Health while the companies were secretly planning layoffs. Ascension should finance its own takeovers, not taxpayers.

We were one of the few households in our neighborhood that had a yellow-topped recycling container for reducing the paper and plastics going to the landfill. Our homeowners’ association complained about it being too visible, so now we discard all things together. That’s the Wichita way.

Do the employees of the Kansas-owned casinos have to sign an agreement that they will not sue the state if they develop lung cancer from inhaling secondhand smoke?

Just because someone’s life history is posted on Facebook doesn’t mean people have to snoop.

I highly respect a good waiter or waitress, and I rarely complain even when I get bad service, but when a waiter or waitress takes my order and does not write it down, it always comes out wrong. Just write it down.

There is no need for a little pocket in purses for cellphones. Women have their phones in their hands, as if they are stuck with Super Glue.

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