Opinion Line Extra (May 24)

05/24/2013 12:00 AM

05/23/2013 5:51 PM

It has been reported that some lakes in Minnesota are contaminated with cocaine. In an unrelated story, there was a 100-car pileup on I-35 of some cars racing to Minnesota.

It’s always everybody else’s fault for the outcome of this president’s bad policy.

I have been targeted. Have you? I don’t support our present leadership, and therefore I am an “enemy of the state.”

The Obama administration is responsible for the refusal to adequately protect our people in Benghazi when they asked for more security, and also responsible for the failure to send help. Four people died. Those are the facts. Calling it politics is a smoke screen.

With Benghazi, the IRS debacle and the Associated Press situation, do you think anything will come of the congressional hearings? I think Congress and the president are in bed together, and just trying to appease the American public so they can go on living their glorious lives.

The Obama administration: Infringes on the freedom of the press; media outraged. Violates equal protection under the law by the IRS; media outraged. Fails to protect diplomats; media outraged. Tries to drastically restrict the right to keep and bear arms; media cheer?

The emerging scandals in Washington, D.C., will expose a breathtaking level of government corruption among Democrat politicians, their appointees and Democrat-supporting civil servants.

I can’t comprehend the mentality that says since nothing would have changed the outcome at Sandy Hook Elementary, we therefore should do nothing. If America held that same attitude during the Holocaust, when countless Jews were murdered under the Hitler regime, we’d probably now be living in a communist-ruled world.

The majority of the people in Kansas who claim to be Christians aren’t.

A letter writer asked, “Who mourns God’s innocent aborted babies?” It is their mothers, their fathers and God. Many of us have never had to face such a decision as to carry or not carry an unwanted baby. It is not your business what others do with their bodies, health and lives, period.

I wish they would quit picking on O.J. Simpson. Everybody knows his old butler is the one getting him into trouble.

It’s nice to know Charlie Otero has found peace. I’ll find peace when I hear Dennis Rader has taken his last breath among decent, law-abiding people and is taking the express elevator to hell.

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