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05/24/2013 12:00 AM

05/23/2013 5:51 PM

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One of the best stories after the tornado in Oklahoma was of the teacher who said she started praying out loud to her students, even though she knew she wasn’t supposed to. Isn’t it amazing how your soul knows whom to turn to?

Koch Industries is donating a million dollars to the tornado relief in Moore, Okla. Koch has given millions to charity and employs 50,000 nationwide. I don’t understand the hatred that is generated toward the Kochs.

I have a challenge for all the corporations that don’t pay taxes and apparently never will: Donate the money to build safe rooms in every school. It will be a drop in the bucket for you. You won’t even notice it in your quarterly report.

City Hall’s first reaction to the storm was to announce it would not do debris removal. I’d much rather have a city government that is always there to help its citizenry than one that spends its time and our money working on grand downtown real estate schemes and such.

Kansas’ hypocritical Republican senators amaze me. The Senate had not agreed on a budget for four years. And the budget that finally passed for 2014 had no Republican votes. Yet they were on radio stations first thing Wednesday morning trying to take credit for creating jobs, because McConnell is getting the tankers.

Voting is not a right or entitlement. It’s a privilege that only some should have. No job? On welfare? Don’t own property? Not a citizen? Then no vote for you, leech.

It’s ironic that our president is hiding behind the same amendments that he is trying to dissolve.

The Democrats and their supporters in government bureaucracies are using immense government power to limit their opponents to the detriment of decency, honesty and the goodness of our former way of life. We have become Chicago.

Three days after we received more than 2 inches of rain, I saw people watering their lawns. We need to be conserving water.

I think the state of Kansas needs to run an ad campaign about the law requiring drivers to run their lights whenever they run their windshield wipers. It stopped raining about the same time that became law, so few people seem to know it is a law.

It is apparent that the only culture some people are exposed to comes from their yogurt.

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