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May 23, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (May 23)

So President Obama’s people have to take the Fifth. No surprise there.

So President Obama’s people have to take the Fifth. No surprise there.

A headline in Wednesday’s Eagle said, “Obama in dark….” What a surprise. The guy’s been in the dark since he took office. He always claims to know everything until something goes wrong. Then suddenly he has no knowledge of anything.

I’m surprised you guys haven’t blamed the tornadoes on Obama.

Whether it’s the Benghazi terrorist attack, government snooping on the press, or the IRS targeting of conservative groups, Obama keeps screaming, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

The headlines always say the GOP wants answers on Benghazi. Fact is, all Americans should want the truth on Benghazi.

No, Cal Thomas, “tyranny” will not be defeated (May 22 Opinion) if the 16th Amendment is repealed. Conservative Republicans are determined to make laws dealing with women’s issues that are unfair and intrusive. Karl Rove and his cohorts will defend their sneaky “social welfare” tax-exempts while many of us will continue to defend a woman’s rights.

Why is it that Cal Thomas seems to be the only opinion writer who makes sense?

I see Anthony Weiner has tossed his underwear, I mean his hat, into the New York City mayoral race.

So Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer took another junket to France for Sister Cities. How much did this junket cost taxpayers? Why aren’t the costs of these junkets published in the paper?

The folks in Topeka take tax credits from the poor and burden middle-class kids with more student loans in the name of prosperity for those at the top. I am glad my children have left this state, because soon Kansas will be no place anyone will want to live.

One reader commented that people put up 6-foot privacy fences because they have something to hide. If you’re so interested in what your neighbors are doing in their own yard, you’re probably the primary reason they put up a “privacy” fence in the first place. Mind your own business.

I have a 6-foot fence so I don’t have to look at unkempt yards and loud neighbors, and to keep loose dogs out of my yard. The fence is called privacy. And I am a good neighbor. Come ask some of my neighbors.

It’s a sad day when someone would steal food donations from our mailbox set aside for the post office. I am sure you were taught that stealing is wrong. Shame on you.

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