Opinion Line (May 23)

05/23/2013 12:00 AM

05/22/2013 6:02 PM

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I’m a conservative, but I feel the way we assist people with mentally or physically disabled family members, both children and adults, is shameful. Any other developed country would provide help to a much greater degree. Here, we tend to look the other way.

If some legislators want to require our Kansas Supreme Court justices to retire at 65, could the people require our legislators also retire at 65? I would also add “with no lifelong benefits.”

South, West and Southeast high schools were all built in the same era. Neighborhoods around them, as well as the schools themselves, have deteriorated to some degree. So why is Southeast the one being considered for closing and replacement with a new school far away?

Has anyone considered the expense of busing? Right now some of the Southeast kids walk to school. But if a new school is built near the Butler County line, most students will be bused. And how much will we be taxed to bring city water to a new school?

Thank you to the residents of USD 259 for approving the bond elections that, among many other things, aim to build tornado safe rooms in every school.

As if the people of Moore, Okla., don’t have enough misery, now they have every major news outlet down there shoving cameras in their faces asking them how they feel. The media need to keep their distance or go home.

With the forgivable loan to Starwood Hotels, we again are spending our hard-earned taxpayer money on private enterprise. Local governments should spend our taxpayer money on security, fire and basic infrastructure needs. I am not a cash cow who wishes to have my milk squandered.

One day it’s the announcement of the creation of the latest bunch of call center jobs. The next day it’s the announcement of the elimination of hundreds of higher-paying jobs from the medical field. Sounds like we won a battle but we’re losing the war, quickly.

The more we talk about drought and water shortage, the more it rains. My yard has never looked better and I have yet to turn on a sprinkler. Keep up the good work.

Mowing your yard after 8 p.m. is inconsiderate and annoying. If you can’t manage the task during daylight hours, you need to consider hiring a mowing service. Give your neighbors a break.

I will never understand the people who post their life history, both in print and in pictures, on Facebook and other social media outlets and then complain about a lack of privacy.

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