Opinion Line Extra (May 22)

05/22/2013 12:00 AM

05/21/2013 5:16 PM

Based on the desire of organizations to curtain their political activities, the IRS actions might be justified.

Now that the IRS has been exposed for what it is, this might be a good time to abolish it and go to the fair tax.

It might be best if no political group could claim tax-exempt status.

So Obama’s IRS has been caught unfairly scrutinizing conservative groups in the name of increasing revenues. This should surprise absolutely nobody. The liberals’ modus operandi is to raise taxes on everybody, with the exception of those in their own liberal voter base.

Ironically, this administration considers organizations subversive if they teach the Constitution, which is the document by which the administration is supposed to be living.

The difference between Benghazi and the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing is that Obama and his cohorts have obfuscated the events surrounding the Benghazi attack in order to minimize criticism and influence the 2012 elections.

When Sean Hannity was flapping his chops about how dangerous Barack Obama would be as our president, I thought he was overblowing it. Turns out he underestimated Barack Obama.

As the dishonesty, incompetence and misuse of power by the Obama administration come to light, it’s time for the country to, in the words of Nancy Pelosi, “drain the swamp.”

When you see Obama on TV there should be a disclaimer rolling across the screen saying, “I’m not a real president. I just play one on TV.”

Republican and Democrat are the right and left arms of a corrupt body. Tax and spend or trickle down, you’re whipping a dead horse. After more than 100 years, you actually think that maybe this time one of them will get it right. Good luck with that.

Gov. Sam Brownback is following the Bush playbook: Massive tax cuts create permanent financial crisis, declare victory. Different decade, same worthless policies.

I am “all white” and do not care for country music. When will the Intrust Bank Arena book music and shows I like?

The reason your outdated cable service keeps going up is because it spends a fortune on stupid commercials and miles of outdated cable. Satellite is hurting its business and is cheaper, with better high definition.

I can say from personal experience the last thing anyone trying to recover from a tornado wants or needs is a bunch of newspeople or looky-loos running around. Both do more harm than good.

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