Opinion Line (May 22)

05/22/2013 12:00 AM

05/21/2013 5:16 PM

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So President Obama didn’t know anything about the IRS targeting conservative groups. You’d think his caddie would have told him something.

Obama believes that an ever-expanding government is the best for us because he can direct it to complete his vision. Now he claims it is so big that he can only find out what it is doing by watching the news or reading the newspaper.

“Gatsby and ‘McJobs’” (May 19 Opinion) was another poor attempt to blame business for the failure of the Obama administration. Wages are not rising because of the high unemployment rate and the administration’s inability to generate any meaningful job growth. Competition for good employees will generate higher wages.

Save the IRS work and possible scandal: Do away with all nonprofit tax exemptions.

Gas prices went up again, for no good reason except to line the pockets of oil companies. Wake up and realize that our society, our infrastructure, cannot operate without oil. Regulate it like a utility.

Why do some schools have legitimate storm shelters, while others are just waiting for the bricks to fall? Are some children more deserving than others?

I would like to know all the other perks that the five Sedgwick County commissioners get besides their pay of $84,000 per year for part-time work. Cut the county budget from the top for a change.

It took me nearly three hours to get through the driver’s license office. It’s obvious that technology hasn’t advanced.

Is it sane to have a driver’s license renewal system that allows cellphone callers to pre-empt people standing in line for up to four hours? Voters, be alert – state services will continue to decline.

Gov. Sam Brownback knows he can’t get credit for fixing Kansas if it’s not broken. Before he became governor, there was no fiscal crisis. So he created one, just like George Bush.

Some legislators seek early termination of members of the Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, by requiring they retire at 65. Then these legislators can select judges to avoid Kansas Constitution requirements that there be suitable funding of public education.

How is it that the government is entitled to any tax money from lottery winnings?

In Saturday’s Eagle a headline read: “Big steroid to fly by Earth on May 31.” I’m glad it’s only a steroid and not a laxative.

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