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May 21, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (May 21)

The robins were assessing storm damage to their homes in my backyard trees shortly after the clouds had cleared.

The robins were assessing storm damage to their homes in my backyard trees shortly after the clouds had cleared.

Perhaps young people will finally realize that they are being played for patsies by the Obama administration.

President Obama almost personally pulled the trigger on Osama bin Laden. But with these scandals – sorry, but he was playing golf and doesn’t know a thing. Right.

Black Panther voter intimidation, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS and the Associated Press are all scandals of an administration that is not merely incompetent but riddled with lies and corruption. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are an inconvenience and a nuisance in the administration’s lust for power and control.

The tea party is a political group, not a charity. It got caught. Serves it right. Tax cheaters should be targeted, just as I would be if I didn’t pay taxes because I don’t like the Obama administration.

Despite antics of the Republican Party, the economy is coming back. If only they had worked with the president from the beginning, just imagine how prosperous the country would be now. The Republicans vowed to make Obama fail, not realizing that the main man (God) is on his side.

I guess the Tribune Co. could sell its newspapers to the same group that Al Gore sold Current TV to – Al-Jazeera. That would keep the newspapers out of the hands of those “awful Koch brothers.”

Every form of tax involves a redistribution of wealth. Until the graduated income tax, the redistribution was from the poor to the rich, many of whom became rich on government projects. Is it any surprise that the rich want to repeal the income tax and reduce spending on services to the poor?

Naivete: a condition characterized by an unreasonable trust of what the government will do with background-check information.

You know the economy’s bad when you buy coveralls at Goodwill and your friends think you’re flaunting your wealth.

Neighbors never surprise me anymore. We have been in a drought going on three years now, and they are already running their sprinklers multiple times a day again this year, rain or shine. It can only be selfish, lazy stupidity because they think their wells will never run dry.

I work very hard for the nice SUV I drive. Think about that next time you shove a shopping cart, causing scratches, and then drive off.

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