Opinion Line (May 21)

05/21/2013 12:00 AM

05/20/2013 5:40 PM

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Having listened to police scanners Sunday during and directly after the storms, I want to commend Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter for getting out himself and directing and assisting. I didn’t vote for him, but I am glad he is in the office. And thanks to the entire Sheriff’s Office.

If the Sedgwick County sheriff needs more out-of-county space for inmates, El Dorado has a good honor camp just sitting empty. Has anyone looked into this?

The NBC tournament was a great thing for Wichita in its heyday, but most of the great teams that came are now involved in other events closer to home. It would be great if the teams came back, but I can assure you they will not. Please don’t spend lots of money researching this dead horse.

I was amazed by “Administrators for schools get thousands in extra pay” (May 19 Eagle). When a classified employee, custodian, etc., is required to take more responsibilities due to budget cuts, there is no mention of extra pay. I’ve heard these words many times: “We all have to do more with less.”

I have not seen businesses hire anybody because they got a tax break. They hire when their product sells. We are the ones buying the product, and you Republicans want to tax the poor and give tax breaks to the rich. How much product can we buy on nothing?

It was obvious from the congressional hearings on the IRS abuse of its power that our liberties are at risk. Independence Day is slightly more than a month away. It is a good time for citizens to revisit the reason that day is sacred. Read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

In all the posturing over the IRS investigation, are we missing the real question? Why would these political groups expect tax-exemption? We need to correct the 501(c)(4) tax code. Political groups should pay taxes.

I hope that the Kansas congressional delegation will support all efforts to see that the IRS is not allowed to administer the Affordable Care Act. The IRS has proved itself incapable of honesty and efficiency and should not be entrusted with the very lives of Americans.

There’s no better proof of Richard Crowson’s left-leaning viewpoint than his editorial cartoons, which continue to lampoon Kansas Republicans while ignoring his liberal friends in Washington, D.C., who are embroiled in one scandal after another.

Thank you, Richard Crowson. Your Sunday Eagle cartoons are wonderful, and right-on.

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