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May 20, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (May 20)

Eric Holder now oversees the U.S. Department of Injustice. It is a sad day in America.

Eric Holder now oversees the U.S. Department of Injustice. It is a sad day in America.

President Obama just gave his “I am not a crook” speech. History repeats itself.

Come on, Eagle – let’s get our headline facts straight. Obama did not fire the IRS chief. He was already on his way out. The wheels were set in motion just a bit earlier.

Does it make sense that our president admits the IRS is out of control, but then enlists it to handle our nation’s health care system?

I may be the only person who is glad that the IRS is pinpointing political organizations that claim to be “social welfare” organizations. The IRS needs to keep looking into these organizations, conservative or liberal. It also might dig a little further into churches that are really fronts for political organizations.

When Republicans couldn’t defeat Bill Clinton in 1996, they tried to impeach him. Now, after losing to Obama last year, they’re hoping to impeach him. That’s why they’re beating the drums so much over Benghazi.

The communist dictatorship of North Korea prohibits its citizens from owning guns. In this free republic, thank God our Constitution guarantees us this right. If we are to retain our liberties, we must be able to defend freedom from those who would take it from us.

Once again, some folks need a reminder that the sequester didn’t “slash” anything from the education budget. It reduced the amount it was to increase. The education budget still went up, just not as much as it would have if not for the sequester.

So one of my fellow citizens says “our government is a nonprofit institution.” Government is probably better described as a black hole into which people here in flyover country throw money. And the elite in Washington spend it on themselves.

“For-profit” institutions have incentive and competition, which lead to innovation and accountability. “Nonprofit” government starts with “we care more,” but ultimately leads to bureaucracy and excesses. “Federal oversight” is an oxymoron.

Whenever the Shockers need a new baseball coach, I hope it’s Kevin Hooper.

The most ridiculous traffic light in Wichita is at 111th Street West and Kellogg. If you are eastbound on Kellogg and get stopped by the light at 119th, by the time you just get to 60 mph, the light at 111th turns red. Just after you get stopped, the light turns green.

The Wichita River Festival button should have depicted a starving cow.

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