Opinion Line (May 19)

05/19/2013 12:00 AM

05/17/2013 5:20 PM

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What genius figured out how to make going to an event at Century II more difficult? I love to stand in line for 15 minutes in the rain to pay for parking.

Air shows are a huge waste of resources. They should have been stopped long ago.

I enjoyed a dollar breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s, played a round of golf at my favorite municipal course, and then enjoyed a cold beer after I got home. As far as I’m concerned, life doesn’t get much better than this.

I’ll support expanded rail service when Amtrak operates at a profit.

There is a good chance that Amtrak will soon bring service to Wichita. If you do not believe in using tax dollars to support this, please remember that Wichita Mid-Continent Airport and all of the airlines would shut down in a minute without massive government support.

God bless Charlie Otero.

High school graduation at Charles Koch Arena: Grandpa gets his 11/4-inch pocket knife seized by security, and Grandma strolls in with 8-inch metal knitting needles. Go figure.

In last week’s “Jeopardy” collegiate semifinals, one of the answers was about a university shocking the nation in making it to the Final Four. A young man from Georgetown readily offered the question: “What is Wichita State?” This is another example of how far and wide WSU has become recognized.

Twenty-five years ago, WSU baseball was a top 10 program. Now WSU is mediocre, no better than any other team. Why has the program fallen so far? Problems cannot be solved until you identify them.

Coach Gene Stephenson has paid his dues. If he hasn’t earned the right to retire with dignity, then who has?

Congratulations, KU Jayhawks, on landing the nation’s top basketball recruit, soon-to-be-millionaire Andrew Wiggins. I hope his one year is a great one.

What has become of our beloved Kansas? Our state has stood against slavery and championed great leaders like Eisenhower, Dole and Kassebaum. How have our open-minded and caring Kansans been hijacked by a minority wanting us to finance their political agendas instead of education or care for the disabled?

I used to describe President Obama as Carteresque. Now a better term would be Nixonian.

If we don’t do something now about the abuse of power in Washington, we are all going to be in the poorhouse.

It is obvious why Congress cannot get anything done: It has to set up committees to investigate everything and anything.

Why is it that gas prices take 10- to 17-cent jumps and only come down a penny at a time?

It can’t be that hard to soundproof an apartment.

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