Opinion Line Extra (May 18)

05/18/2013 12:00 AM

05/17/2013 5:06 PM

Regarding “Obama fires IRS chief for targeting conservatives” (May 16 Eagle): The trouble is that acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller was already set to resign in June. Obama is doing nothing more than putting on a show to try to fool the American people into thinking he is really concerned about what is right.

If the IRS had failed to focus its attention on organizations affiliating themselves with the anti-taxation tea party, I would have thought it wasn’t doing its job.

Obama calls the outcry over Benghazi a political circus. To the contrary, it should be Obama’s presidency that is called a political circus.

Obama is going to try again for new gun-control legislation? This administration is determined to self-immolate.

Does anybody else remember when the Republican Party wasn’t the party of 5-year-olds?

What does Congress do? Points fingers of blame and holds hearings on anything that garners press. This is what pulls our country apart instead of together. Please do your jobs. Do something constructive and quit grandstanding.

Taxing the rich more than the poor is socialism and became “common sense” when graduated income taxation was included in the Communist Manifesto. It attempts to bring the rich down and elevate the poor out of fairness.

Funny how people at Associated Press don’t mind snooping into others’ business, yet don’t want anyone snooping into theirs. Liberals.

I think the Justice Department should be able to seize and peruse the phone records of every media organization from the AP to the Washington Post . We need universal phone-back checks. If we can prevent just one leak of government secrets, it’s worth it.

The comment about needing more women in Washington was probably right. I have always heard that it takes a woman to clean up a man’s mess. And do we need it now.

The lawmakers in Topeka are going to help build a bio lab. The old bio lab was on an island off the coast of New York for a reason. What is Kansas going to do when it gets a leak and poisons people and animals? What about terrorists?

Surely Heights High School principal Bruce Deterding will read Frank D. LoMonte’s “Schools shouldn’t devalue First Amendment” (May 16 Opinion). But will it soak in? I hope the entire Heights and USD 259 administrations will read it and be reminded that the First Amendment is still in effect.

I’m so tired of people running into me in public places because all three of their brain cells are attached to a cellphone.

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