Opinion Line (May 18)

05/18/2013 12:00 AM

05/17/2013 5:04 PM

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Gas is nearly $4 a gallon and expected to climb higher. When President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were in office, the liberals blamed the Halliburton connection. Who is to blame for the Obama administration’s gas prices? The Wizard of Oz or the Tooth Fairy? Or maybe the Republicans?

Gasoline rose another dime Wednesday night. I can’t remember why. Corporate greed? Obama’s fault? Bush’s fault? Benghazi? Memorial Day gouging? Flying monkeys? Maybe it’s a gay agenda? Bovine flatulence? Richard Crowson’s cartoon?

Lies, cover-ups and trampling of the Constitution and rule of law have become standard operating procedure for the Obama White House. The volume is so great that no one even expects the truth anymore.

Bush was the prince of peace and all was right in the world, according to today’s GOP.

If you can’t understand why there is gridlock in Washington, then read the comments in Opinion Line between Democrats and Republicans. Time for a different system that promotes moving forward.

The Intrust Bank Arena just gave a check to Sedgwick County for more than $250,000. Imagine what the check would have been from a downtown casino. Smooth move, voters.

The county collected tax dollars to pay for Intrust Bank Arena, including from African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and every other race. I’ve lost count of how many country acts have performed there, some more than once. Why haven’t there been any R&B, Hispanic, etc., performers? All white isn’t all right.

So NTSB officials want to lower the legal blood alcohol level to 0.05 percent. Are they a bunch of religious fanatics? When I was young it was 0.15 percent. Then it was lowered to 0.08 percent. It makes you wonder what they’ve been drinking.

A 0.05 percent blood alcohol content means everyone who goes out and has a drink or two with dinner either has to spend the night at the restaurant or get a cab home. That’s just asinine. We may as well bring back Prohibition.

Lack of water spells death.

Please stop using the tedious phrase “no problem.” You do not have to inform me you had no difficulty in performing the job you are being paid to do. If you continually had problems, you probably would be terminated. I would have no problem with that.

Why are the flags always at half-mast?

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