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05/17/2013 12:00 AM

05/16/2013 5:48 PM

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I don’t think the headline is that 800,000 Pentagon civilian workers have to take unpaid furloughs. The headline is that there are 800,000 Pentagon civilian workers. Talk about bloated bureaucracy.

We need term limits for the Senate and House. That would almost cripple lobbyist control, and maybe our leaders would be more concerned about our country’s issues and less about keeping their seats.

There’s no way a for-profit business can do a job more cheaply than a nonprofit. Our government is a nonprofit institution. If Congress would do its job of oversight, the federal government would always operate more cheaply than a for-profit business.

As you read about the IRS corruption, just remember that the Democrats put the IRS in charge of Obamacare enforcement.

Conservatives are outraged that the government (IRS) would single them out for special scrutiny and disruption. Of course, they have no problem doing the very same thing to pregnant women and gay people.

What is the big deal with Kermit Gosnell doing what our Democratic government says is morally OK? Our Democratic society doesn’t care whether it’s in or out of the womb before it is killed, just as long as it is killed and nobody knows. He must have had a Republican jury.

The anti-abortion people aren’t really against abortion. They are for back-alley abortions. When I once asked a devoutly religious person, “But what about the unnecessary death from a back-alley abortion?” her answer was, “Maybe she deserved it.”

It’s hypocritical that some people protest because of abortions, but have not a single word of protest over the fact that some people are having perfectly healthy tissue removed by unscrupulous doctors because of the possibility they might develop a disease.

Law enforcement agencies will crack down on seat-belt and child-restraint violations over the Memorial Day weekend. It makes little sense to enforce these laws while ignoring speeding. Speeding is the reason for seat-belt laws in the first place.

To the man who drove by me with a boy in the car and who was smoking with his window open: That is not enough to protect the boy. Can you not forgo smoking until the boy is no longer in the car?

How come the Riverfest octopus has eight legs and only one foot?

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