Opinion Line Extra (May 16)

05/16/2013 12:00 AM

05/15/2013 5:30 PM

The much-denied love affair between the media and Obama may be over, as evidenced by recent press briefings by Jay Carney. This president has been able to do anything to anybody as long as somebody else’s ox was getting gored. But gore the Associated Press’ ox and listen to the media squeal.

I wonder if we can get Prince Harry for president. He’s done more in a few days than Obama has done, and he certainly seems to care more about the U.S. than Obama does.

The Benghazi cover-up is worse than Watergate. No one died because of Watergate. The failure of the Obama administration to protect our people was either politically based or caused by sheer incompetence. We did not know how long the attack was going to last. Those brave people were abandoned.

I can hear Air Force One’s engines warming up. With the Benghazi scandal and the IRS scandal hitting too close to home, it’s time for Obama to take another trip away from Washington so when he comes back all this will be swept under the carpet.

Does anybody else remember when the Republican Party was the grown-up party?

Isn’t it hypocrisy that the people who say gun control cannot be legislated are the same people who want to legislate birth control?

Obama proposes to spend $3.5 trillion next year while taking in $2.5 trillion in taxes. If your family income is $25,000 per year, plan on spending $35,000. Only in Washington can you get away with such blatant chicanery.

Fox News lovers want to be as ill-informed and stupid as possible.

A South Carolina voter said he held his nose and voted for Mark Sanford because Sanford reflected the values of his district. So much for “family values” in that part of Dixieland.

The person who thinks there should be more women in Washington because “they are willing to listen and compromise” obviously has never been in a relationship with or married to a woman.

I’m tired of conservatives and liberals vilifying people who disagree with them.

Just watching them install the spire on One World Trade Center made my knees weak. That is a long way up there. God bless the steelworkers.

With Haysville folks sending Rep. Joe Edwards to Topeka, they have set themselves up for even more ribbing at “Gridiron” next year (“Edwards’ mugging case more bizarre,” May 15 WE Blog). Way to go, neighbors.

I have never seen a police officer stationed at school zones to catch all the speeders going fast through these zones.

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