Opinion Line Extra (May 15)

05/15/2013 12:00 AM

05/14/2013 4:50 PM

We get the government we deserve. Professional politicians who believe in nothing but protecting their own backsides will lead us to destruction, first in faraway places like Benghazi, then the homeland. I told you so, but you believed the sweet talk of the charlatan and, well, here we are.

Democrats, with the aid of the media, claim Republicans are politicizing Benghazi. But at the congressional hearings last week, Republicans asked brief and pointed questions of the whistle-blowers, trying to get to the truth, while Democrats circled the wagons in an effort to protect President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Obama cannot even get through a college commencement speech, which is usually an uplifting message, without taking a shot at his opponents? He is the incredible shrinking president.

You had a choice, Sunday Eagle, and chose that vile, malicious, baseless cartoon of President Obama on the phone?

People who make comments about how cold weather proves there’s no global warming are only proving they have no idea what they’re talking about.

If guns are such an effective deterrent, then every student and teacher should have one. If this is your argument against gun control, then you can’t pick and choose, because setting limits of any kind is a form of gun control. Is this really what we want?

Americans use guns to hold off assault far more than they use guns to commit murder or violent crime.

Despite claims by the ban-the-guns crowd, there is no such thing as an online loophole. The weapon is shipped to your local store. You are required to complete the paperwork there before taking possession.

The NRA says the fault in killings by guns is in the lack of enforcement of laws already on the books. Well, then it should wholeheartedly support a special sales tax on every weapon sold to help pay for better enforcement.

Government is the people, so why do NRA and its minions need guns to defend against themselves? This is insane. They fear themselves.

We were taught that “Kansas” means “people of the south wind.” In truth, it means “people governed by fools.”

Not everyone is able to have a high education. My late father-in-law went to school only until the eighth grade. He was a very smart man. He was able to figure most things in his head. So be careful about putting people into boxes about their education.

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