Opinion Line Extra (May 14)

05/14/2013 12:00 AM

05/13/2013 6:06 PM

What happened in Texas was not an accident. It could have and should have been prevented. Those owners and operators are just as guilty as if they had set a bomb.

I own guns, knives and swords, and I know how to make bombs. I have never shot, stabbed, sliced or blown anyone up. It’s against God’s law and the law of man. Gun-control proponents want to portray me as a potential terrorist. I think I know who the real terrorists are.

I thought one of the arguments in favor of concealed-carry laws was that once the bad guys knew you had a gun they would turn and run, not shoot you with your own gun.

I am happy that our senators and congressman will not be voting for any further gun laws. It’s unfortunate that people are so misinformed about the Second Amendment, and also the term “assault weapon.” I want my gun (whatever type of gun I choose) so I can protect my family from whatever force might intrude on our lives.

I keep wondering why our president wasn’t as concerned about the Benghazi murders as he has been about the attacks in Connecticut and Boston.

In regard to Westar Energy’s request for a rate increase: That’s right, go after the residential customer. How about a little pay increase for the retirees? I retired in 1990 from Kansas Gas & Electric Co. after 40 years service, and I have never had an increase in my retirement pay.

The New York Jets didn’t get rid of Tim Tebow because he’s a Christian. The Jets got rid of Tim Tebow because he’s a terrible quarterback.

Those who hate the Fox News channel are those who despise being confronted with the truth and facts, and try to survive mentally on a diet of propaganda, innuendo and pure misinformation from the others.

Solution to the drought problem: Fine anyone in Wichita and surrounding areas who is watering a lawn, whether with well water or not. It may not be popular, but do we have to spell it out for you?

Recycled wastewater would reduce stress on water supplies.

To the reader who vowed to be 2 feet off my bumper in traffic while I keep a safe distance from the car ahead of me: Remember, if I decide not to move or my car stalls in front of you, you’re stuck. I hope you’re not in a hurry.

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