Opinion Line (May 14)

05/14/2013 12:00 AM

05/13/2013 6:06 PM

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There seem to be payday loan stores, title loan stores and pawn shops on almost every block of every main road in Wichita. Where are they getting the customers? And if they are repeat customers, why?

Someone is paying $18 million for a building to house two pieces of paper that someone paid more than $4 million for? Did any KU alumni pass a math test? That just doesn’t add up.

Selfish people may ignore that our government is dumping tons of debt on future generations. The amount of money being printed and borrowed is frightening. Sooner or later, we will face the consequences of our selfish, unsustainable, failed policies.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So what else is new? How is it socialism to tax the rich more and tax the poor less? To me it’s common sense.

Every dime that a working-poor person makes goes right back into the local economy for food, clothing, housing, etc. Raising the sales-tax rate means that much less money goes into local businesses.

The obstructionist behavior of congressional Republicans toward the president’s efforts to move our country forward are the same as the behavior of Russia and China on the U.N. Security Council. No matter how beneficial the proposal, they block it out of spite.

How do we know “made in America” products are authentic?

Our politicians are labeled in the news with their name, the party they belong to and then the people they represent. Unfortunately, that is exactly the way many of them serve. Their first consideration is themselves, followed by their party and, finally, the people who actually put them in office.

This wonderful country was founded on taking responsibility for yourself and your family. Now many people are on welfare and food stamps. Those who work cannot support those who expect others to meet their every need.

If you are adult enough to buy a home, please be responsible enough to maintain your yard. If you let your weeds grow, your neighbors will get your weeds. That is a good way to make neighbors unhappy.

Those who build 6-foot privacy fences, besides not being good neighbors, usually have something to hide.

When you smokers go outside for a smoke in cold and windy weather, please grab a jacket. I am worried about your health.

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