Opinion Line Extra (May 12)

05/12/2013 12:00 AM

05/10/2013 5:00 PM

Lowlife renters and their kids destroy property and neighborhood harmony, then move on to plague another area. Code enforcement needs to stop ignoring this behavior. The City Council can start by hiring more inspectors, and put some teeth into the laws concerning distressed property.

So the U.S. Navy is going to name another warship after Wichita. It’s comforting to know that the namesake isn’t Kansas, because this ship has been hit by a big iceberg and it’s definitely going to sink.

Why would we expect North Korea to change? It acts badly. Then we reward it to act a little bit better. Then it needs something and acts up again. This is what happens when you reward bad behavior.

The federal government needs to eliminate the withholding of taxes and start sending out a bill every month or every quarter that we have to pay. Either that or move Election Day to April 16.

To those who say government has never solved a problem: How about armed forces freeing and protecting you? How about the roads you drive on? How about air traffic controllers? Mail being delivered? It seems like Kansas is headquarters for ignorant reactionaries.

The Bible tells us that we should visit the widows and orphans. It also says that “if anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.”

Let’s stop all entitlements and pay off the debt. Oh, all entitlements to everyone but farmers, right?

Unfortunately, America can’t “minimum wage” itself into prosperity, as our president is planning to do.

If the left in America is so tolerant, why does it insist on telling everyone else what to tolerate?

Blaming guns for the recent shootings instead of mental illness is like blaming cars for DUIs instead of alcohol.

On prom night my son missed a lane change but was waved in by a parent in another car. To the police officer who gave him a ticket and said, “Sorry I ruined your prom”: You didn’t. What your ruined was respect from about 50 people that night, half of whom were teenagers.

Prius drivers have joined Saturn ones in blocking traffic in the left lane. The false sensation of speed they sense is reminiscent of a go-cart and could be had in the right lane as well.

Summer is near. Let’s change the law and require men to cover their chests. It’s disgusting to see hairy armpits and bare nipples.

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