Opinion Line (May 12)

05/12/2013 12:00 AM

05/10/2013 4:59 PM

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Wichita should immediately start digging another reservoir close to the city. Divert river and Big Ditch water to fill it. And stop sending water merrily downstream until the reservoir is full.

It would be a disrespectful, unconscionable loss of invested taxpayers’ dollars to throw away the multimillion-dollar value of Southeast High School. Voters whose property values ends up being damaged by any decision to close Southeast will remember board members’ votes in all future elections.

I watched the Benghazi hearings with great interest and take issue with The Eagle’s May 9 front-page story. Not surprisingly, the article was slanted and for the most part repeated the talking points of the Democratic Party. Witnesses’ quotes were selected to that end, while the most important (and damning) testimony was completely ignored.

Which is the worst deception: What happened in Benghazi or getting us into a 10-year war that killed 4,500, maimed tens of thousands for life, cost more than $1 trillion, and was unjustified and unsubstantiated (i.e. weapons of mass destruction and ties to 9/11)?

If the news media had done their job when Benghazi happened, we would have a good, decent, honest man as our president today, instead of the incompetent, narcissistic, celebrity-in-chief Obama.

Do Republicans think we are all dumb and dumber? They’re playing politics with Benghazi and really don’t care about where, when or why the attack occurred. The Republicans are trying to damage Hillary Clinton’s reputation because she is the frontrunner for president in 2016.

If Aaron Jack had spent his time and efforts on aiding Gov. Sam Brownback’s self-interest agendas instead of his own, he’d still have his job at the Kansas Securities Commission – and would most likely have been our next Kansas insurance commissioner. He obviously didn’t know how to play the game.

With the election of Mark Sanford in South Carolina, Republicans have now lost any claim to be the “family values party.” Who will be the next Republican to acquire a new trophy wife?

I read Cal Thomas’ May 8 commentary about the Kochs buying newspapers. I had to look at the top of the page to make sure I was in the Opinion section and not the funny pages. Nice to start off the day with a good belly laugh.

I completely agree with the Koch brothers (or Warren Buffet, for that matter) buying into the newspaper business. We need strong voices on all sides of our national political debate. I was appalled, though, that there was hardly a voice raised in opposition to Al Gore’s decision to sell (at considerable financial gain) his cable network to Al-Jazeera.

Most television broadcasting is designed so a 6-year-old child can understand it. Life is short. Time is precious. Instead of gaping and gawking at TV nonsense, enjoy the golden storehouse of knowledge in good books, newspapers, magazines, music, art and other materials available free at your public library.

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