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05/11/2013 12:00 AM

05/10/2013 4:57 PM

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I can’t understand why the Heights High School student got suspended from school for his comments. What happened to freedom of speech? Why is everyone offended so easily?

Methinks the athletes at HeightsU had a hissy. Aren’t jocks the ones usually dishing it out? Why are they upset?

Boo hoo. The Heights football team is criticized, and the student gets suspended. How many times have members of the football team criticized other students or organizations in the school and not had to bear consequences?

Has our Legislature even considered how much time and money will be squandered in the courts attempting to defend the constitutionality of these new laws it’s producing?

In the red states where the Democrats pose a threat, the GOP will pit the union workers against the rest of the workforce. Don’t let them divide us. We have the same objectives.

The sequester caused flight delays, and Congress fixed the problem within a week. The sequester slashed $3 billion from education, hurting 7.4 million students, and Congress went on vacation.

Why did President Obama waste the time and tax money nominating a new commerce secretary when he and the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop and destroy commerce?

A couple of terrorists were recipients of nonlethal waterboarding, and the left railed against President Bush with all the venom and hatred it could muster, even calling him a war criminal. Yet the left is strangely silent when Obama sends drones to kill known terrorists. The hypocrisy is staggering.

Has anyone besides me noticed that one of the Boston bombing suspects looks like Bob Dylan?

I approve of the Native American billboards I have seen on TV. I am of Cherokee and Choctaw heritage. We have seen how the government takes care of you when you give up your weapons. No, thanks. I trust in God and my own weapons more.

It’s about who has the power to take guns from citizens. Once you have ceded that power to government, your rights become whatever the government says. If you don’t keep your right to bear arms, then government is able to take anything it wants.

Burglar: When no one answers a door when you knock, that does not mean no one is home. So beware.

Saturday morning: the news, heavy metal and coffee.

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