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May 9, 2013

Opinion Line (May 9)

Wichita has a Chamber of Commerce. There is no need for an additional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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Wichita has a Chamber of Commerce. There is no need for an additional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Interesting that Via Christi announced plans for all private hospital rooms by the year 2016. It seems akin to advertising that the business is 20 years behind the curve and not particularly motivated to catch up soon. I hope that’s not a metaphor for its general practice.

Ask the Kansas Health Foundation how much of the $22.9 million it gave away in 2012 (May 2 Business Today) went to any entity connected to Via Christi Health. I guess old ties to Wesley die hard, don’t they?

Thanks, Mr President. The sequester worked. We need more spending cuts like that. Way to go.

Like the universe, state and federal payrolls are on the way to unchecked expansion. Keeping track of each of the gazillion employees the old-fashioned way is impossible. Monitor each employee by installing GPS in every coffee mug, digging shovel and patrol car. This is the only way the taxpayers can watch their tax dollars at work.

Enough with the liberal drivel in the continual commentaries from state university political science professors. At least make some attempt to bring some balance to the Opinion pages.

Now there can be no doubt that H. Edward Flentje is another Eagle partisan liberal (“Rural Kansas will pay,” May 5 Opinion). Sad to consider that such a single-minded person could be teaching our youth.

If you want a wild, exciting driving experience, go to a citywide garage sale in a small town.

The new villain in “Iron Man 3” obviously has not watched the two previous episodes.

If it tastes like a cinnamon roll in a bowl, why not just buy a cinnamon roll in a bowl?

Wouldn’t it be nice if just one of our TV news stations in Wichita offered a news broadcast at noon Saturday and Sunday? Older people like to catch up on the news while having lunch rather than being subjected to infomercials.

I would like to thank the people who stopped to help me when I fell in a parking garage about three weeks ago. They helped restore my faith in people. There are still good people out there, even if they are hard to find sometimes.

There’s nothing finer than steaks, cocktails and Latin jazz.

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