Opinion Line (May 8)

05/08/2013 12:00 AM

05/07/2013 6:08 PM

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Richard Nixon had many fewer cover-ups than President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, and Nixon was asked to leave office.

Paranoia: a condition characterized by an unreasonable fear of background checks.

I find it interesting and puzzling that a few whiners complain that there is not enough money to teach children, but amazingly and seemingly without effort, millions of dollars can be found to be spent in the name of “security.” You can fool some of the people….

How’s that war on poverty going?

That unethical abortion doctor in Pennsylvania is a reminder of why abortion must remain legal and available. If we outlaw abortion, such doctors will be the only option for women who will still seek abortions. Outlawing the procedure will not make the need for it go away.

Kris Kobach might be very disappointed if he starts going after voter-fraud cases. He just might change this state into a very beautiful shade of blue.

What a surprise – the Kansas and Oklahoma state legislatures both received failing grades on regulating lobbying. These are two of the reddest of red states.

Really? Kansas gets an F for lobbying disclosure in a recent national study of state ethics laws, and Senate President Susan Wagle says, “I think we have excellent ethics standards.” Could this be the problem?

The people of Kansas will be watching this week, and legislators who support Gov. Sam Brownback’s planned extension of the sales tax will regret that vote next time they run for office. Voters will not be allowed to forget about it.

We cannot reward illegal activity with the greatest gift our nation has to offer – citizenship.

It makes about as much sense for Americans to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the United States as for Mexicans living in Mexico to celebrate the Fourth of July.

“Global warming,” “climate change” – in my youth we called it “weather.”

“Let’s try that new Chinese buffet,” she said. “It looks good,” she said. Well, now she’s on the john and I’m texting the Opinion Line.

Ever found yourself in someone else’s bathroom with no toilet paper?

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