Opinion Line Extra (May 7)

05/07/2013 12:00 AM

05/06/2013 6:06 PM

I hate to tell all of the Iraq veterans who thought they were putting their life on the line for their country, but what they were really fighting for was George Bush’s ego, so he could be a great president in his own mind.

We do appreciate the efforts of those who fought for our freedoms. It’s probably more than George W. Bush did.

To all who claim President Bush is not so bright: Are you a Harvard MBA and a jet fighter pilot? You might think with your head and not your tail before you criticize him next time.

People who say the government will go bankrupt if we cut taxes need a reality check. The country is $16 trillion and counting in debt as a result of the sainted government. Face it – the country is bankrupt.

It is past time for the American voters to furlough all members of Congress without pay, including retirement perks and health care. We have to cut wasteful spending in Washington.

The extraordinarily stupid way our federal government has handled the budget cuts proves it does not deserve one extra penny of our hard-earned tax dollars to waste.

GOP really stands for “geezers with outdated plans.” The Republican image is of stuffy old white men owned by big corporations.

The Republicans need to get organized to take control of the Senate and keep the House in 2014. This is the only way our country can be saved from Obama’s plan of becoming a socialist state.

An NBA player states that he is gay, embarrassing the girl who was his fiancee and with whom he had an eight-year relationship. President Obama calls him and congratulates him for being courageous. We don’t have a president. We have a bonehead.

Christianity is not the only religion of citizens of the United States. The majority of citizens may identify as Christian and with the story of Adam and Eve, but other religions don’t. It would be nice if the Boy Scouts embraced everyone, as the Girl Scouts do.

Liberals are all in favor of outward diversity, but diversity of opinion isn’t allowed.

Organized religion’s promise of heavenly rewards is like a life insurance policy that’s payable upon survival of your own death.

Why can’t you idiots drive 60 mph on Kellogg? Afraid you’re going to miss a stoplight?

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