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05/07/2013 12:00 AM

05/06/2013 6:06 PM

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Wow – at the rate the city’s downtown Hyatt hotel is making a profit, it’s going to be a neck-and-neck race between it and the arena on which pays back the taxpayers first and in full. The only question is how many centuries from now that will be.

So did the folks who swore in the Kansas legislators get mixed up and have the elected officials swear on the Constitution to uphold the Bible?

Gov. Sam Brownback’s pie-in-the-sky glide path to eliminate all state income taxes was never his real goal. Elimination of income taxes on nearly 200,000 businesses and their owners was. Now, by law, Kansas has two social classes – those too special to pay toward the common good and those who must.

So sorry, governor, but gun issues are partisan. Even most Kansans support increased gun responsibility. So sorry you aren’t tuned in.

More and more, Kris Kobach’s focus on voter fraud and wanting to expand his powers is reminiscent of the ’50s commie hunts and the Puritan witch hunts. It takes a certain mentality to focus on this rather than our many other real problems. Emperor’s new clothes, anyone?

President Obama is like a third string high school basketball player who thinks he should be playing in the NBA All-Star Game.

Obama, his administration and the flunkies who surround him have one distinct thing in common: They are distant cousins of the truth.

What a difference 50 years make. Radicalized socialist/Marxists are now in charge and conservatives are the underground.

Indignation over comments of disrespect toward the office of the presidency should stand regardless of which political party is in office – unless, of course, that indignation comes from a place of partisan-biased extremism.

Has anyone else noticed the TV ad promoting Kansas is pretty lame when compared with the one promoting Oklahoma? Surely we can do better, or maybe not.

Use the acceleration lane to speed up or slow down when merging onto the interstate. If traffic is not heavy, you don’t need the 10 feet of highway my car occupies. Don’t always expect me to be able to move out of your way. You should pick your slot and do what’s necessary to slip in.

Can people get a ticket in work zones when no one ever works there?

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