Opinion Line Extra (May 6)

05/06/2013 12:00 AM

05/05/2013 2:14 PM

Why should we believe the government would enforce immigration laws in the future? The president has shown no willingness to enforce them. Nor has the attorney general.

Until now I thought the chances of another man like Hitler rising to power in our country were highly unlikely, but then I heard Wayne LaPierre’s rants at the National Rifle Association Convention. Gun manufacturers and duped members are backing a dangerous man.

The scariest organization in the United States today is the NRA.

An NRA convention attendee said that “it’s about fighting tyranny.” Dictionaries define tyranny as cruel, oppressive power or control. The control can be from government or others, including NRA. So which party is contributing more to cruel and oppressive actions? God save us from right-wing paranoia.

I wonder if Lucas McCain was shooting at a liberal in the introduction to “The Rifleman.”

Many times I see Bible quotes given to “justify” a “point of fact.” What version are you quoting? The “Bible” has been revised dozens of times and wording changed each time. Some versions contradict others. Anyone can find a “quote” to “prove” a point.

We need a suicide bomber contest – one against the other until no one is left. It could be sponsored by our U.S. tobacco companies. Has any industry ever done more to kill others?

My grandma called people who mistreated other people “mean-spirited.” It seems to me that’s an apt description of our current elected majority in Topeka.

After leaving office, our longtime district attorney for Sedgwick County turns up as a TV-advertising, personal-injury ambulance chaser. I’ve often wondered about the true competency level of many of our elected officials. I think we are seeing here that the Peter Principle also applies to elected officials.

I wish there were a way to filter out ignorance on the Opinion Line by requiring commenters to have some sort of education. Some of the opinions I read are surely from people who didn’t make it past eighth grade.

It was amazing to watch the Rolling Stones kick off their 50th anniversary tour. They were even some original dinosaurs there. Oops – that was the band.

What in the world has happened to the Kansas City Royals?

May 4 was the coldest day yet this winter – I mean spring, I mean, uh. Darn this global warming.

Am I the only person who is sick and tired of the whole Jodi Arias trial?

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