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05/05/2013 12:00 AM

05/03/2013 6:40 PM

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I just returned from an awesome concert in Tulsa. In a few weeks, I’m going to a concert in Kansas City. Why do I still have to travel out of town? Why can’t I see these concerts at Intrust Bank Arena? Were my tax dollars wasted?

The performance of the Russian National Ballet Theatre was delayed because another event was scheduled and streets were blocked off. People who had paid good money for tickets were unable to park anywhere near Century II. If downtown development is what Wichita wants, someone needs to coordinate events.

Thank you, Love Wichita cleanup volunteers, for the trash and junk you picked up in Childs Acres. This area would not be such a run-down, blighted area if the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department did its job.

As a Democrat, I am ashamed of folks from my party who say they will try to oust lawmakers who sign off on Obama’s plan to refigure Social Security payments. It’s a modest proposal to keep the checks coming.

The citizens of America should have hired Barack Obama as fundraiser in chief instead of commander in chief. Perhaps since he travels around the country on our dime, he should apply the funds he raises from adoring celebrities toward paying down the principal on our national debt.

Sequestration is to government austerity as the Colorado River is to the entire Grand Canyon – a pittance.

I have heard that because conservatives cannot buy facts, they want to change the meaning of “scientifically proved” to include things that are not reproducible or peer-reviewed. Corporations are people and money is truth. God bless America.

A pro basketball player elicits praise from the media for admitting he is homosexual. Meanwhile, media criticism of a pro football player’s Christianity benches him during the season. Then he is fired. Are we still living in America?

It is an injustice that liquor stores in Kansas can sell full-strength beer and stores such as Dillons and QuikTrip are forced to sell a watered-down version. If I were Dillons or QuikTrip, I wouldn’t take my case to the Legislature. I would take it to court.

Come on, people – quit buying those large drinks with sugar and caffeine. They just make you fat and wired.

Bear in mind that the sole purpose of the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment, was to protect citizens from government intrusion upon our civil liberties.

I have to arm myself now, if for no other reason than to defend myself while going for a walk against people’s vicious uncontained and unrestrained dogs.

It is obvious to me that Mother Nature is simply going through “the change,” as evidenced by the hot flashes followed by the cold spells.

Whenever I want the light to turn green, I reach for my cellphone and start a text.

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