Opinion Line (May 6)

05/06/2013 12:00 AM

05/03/2013 5:51 PM

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With the enormous increase in U.S. production of natural gas, the prices of almost everything we buy are being reduced. Even the International Monetary Fund, no friend of free enterprise, has acknowledged the law of supply and demand is working to everyone’s advantage.

Mommy and Daddy should have talked to their young daughter about sex before she needs to buy the “morning-after” pill.

I couldn’t understand why our members of Congress were not representing the will of the people in the matter of better background checks and 10-shot ammunition clips. Then my wife reminded me they were not going to do anything that President Obama wants.

Do you think the mother of White House spokesman Jay Carney is proud of the fact that he’s become such a good liar?

I feel for the workers at the driver’s license office. I almost died after waiting three hours and 15 minutes. Those folks have to be in that stinky, muggy place all day.

Good thing my son didn’t need to see his doctor in a hurry. Gov. Sam Brownback’s KanCare insurance listed the address not to the doctor but to the local veterinarian. But it saves money, right?

GLMV Architecture is laying off folks, but “nobody saw this coming. Everybody’s so shocked.” Really? What recovery?

Dear J.C. Penney: I’ll be back to see you when you quit paying your CEO millions and you start stocking “made in America” products in your stores. Sincerely, an American shopper.

The passing of George Jones reminds me that almost all of the true country singers are gone. What a concert they must be having in heaven.

It always cracks me up how easy it is for these countrified Christians to forgive a drunken, drug-taking womanizer like George Jones. Oh, yeah, and they are always the greatest country singers to ever have driven a pickup truck.

I want to thank the lady and her passenger in a dark Dodge Charger for doing a hit-and-run on my vehicle April 27 at the Kansas Star Casino. If anyone has any information, please call the Mulvane Police Department, because the driver isn’t capable of doing the right thing.

To the person I repeatedly saw last week driving west on Kellogg at 5 a.m. without lights: I noticed the Wichita Police Department got you Friday morning. I guess you can fix stupid.

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