Opinion Line (May 4)

05/04/2013 12:00 AM

05/03/2013 5:46 PM

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Seeing the four ex-presidents and current president together last week, all I could think of was four rich white guys on government welfare, and one black man with a full-time job.

If Mitt Romney had been elected president, he’d now be making plans to attack Syria. But not for how to pay for the attack.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a Margaret Thatcher type in this country, instead of the president we have?

Where are the stories about the “navigators,” who are being sent out to explain Obamacare at a pay rate of more than $20 per hour? Even the experts have a problem explaining Obamacare, so how can the uninformed people do the job? Seems like another devious plan to get more votes for Democrats.

Someone called Social Security and Medicare “savings programs and not entitlements,” but they are entitlements. The people who are on Social Security paid into the system while they were working. Please get your facts straight.

Will Wichita wait until Cheney Reservoir is completely dry before mandatory water conservation is implemented? I predict that people and businesses will leave the area when the water is gone or the price of water is too high.

Fair Fares? Yeah, right. Using Expedia, I found that flying in mid-June from Portland, Ore., to Denver cost $271, while flying from Denver to Wichita cost $357. No airline competition for that Denver flight and – pow! – the consumer gets whacked. We need a low-fare airline going west to bring back competitive rates.

Rebuilding Southeast High School at 127th Street East and Pawnee? That’s the farthest corner of the school’s boundaries, almost in the Derby and Rose Hill districts. The taxpayers’ expense for busing students that far will last forever, and we don’t need more buses on our streets.

The Republican camel has its nose in the Kansas Turnpike Authority’s tent. Senate President Susan Wagle already has her eyes on KTA’s $90 million reserves, perhaps thinking they could be used to lower taxes on the rich in lieu of finishing the six-lane road between Topeka and Kansas City.

It is a crying shame when you go to a local vegetable stand to buy fruits and vegetables, only to find they were all grown outside of the country.

In hard rain and difficult traffic, I was driven from northwest to southeast Wichita to a doctor’s appointment. I arrived five to nine minutes late and was told I must reschedule. I’m 97 years old. Do you think this was considerate or just?

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