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05/03/2013 12:00 AM

05/02/2013 5:31 PM

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We tend to forget the distant past, but what about Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt? Enough American blood and gold have been wasted in the area recently. Politicians should know better than to support either side of the lose-lose situation in Syria.

Would it be a “game changer” if our anti-Assad rebel allies in Syria attacked the government forces with poison gas? Would we then attack the rebels in the name of higher moral standards in warfare?

So the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base prison cooks three meals a day for each prisoner, and then throws away most of the food because of the hunger strike. Has anyone down there ever heard of a lunch count?

Judging from all the devastating daily reports about the effects of federal budget sequestration, you would think the cut was 50 percent, not 5 percent. What will it be like when the federal government collapses under its own weight and real cuts take place?

A capital-driven democracy can only exist until the rich discover that they can influence the gullible to vote against their own economic interest by propagating the myth of rugged individualism. This will result in lowered and eliminated taxes, which will soon bankrupt the government. Tyranny and dictatorship will follow.

Isn’t it ironic that our president took time to call the basketball player who announced his gay notions, but doesn’t admit his government is trying to bully Benghazi witnesses to keep them quiet?

To the person who commented about coloring books in the Bush Library: It’s one thing to be stupid and disrespectful, but to advertise it is another. Some of us put our lives on the line to preserve freedom of speech for people like you and would do it again. How’s that for being stupid?

Of course the 1950s look pretty good to columnist Cal Thomas (May 1 Opinion). He’s a white male.

KU offers dozens of majors that are available at any university in the state, while only KU has a medical school. So what are they considering cutting? Medical school programs. It couldn’t be a political statement, could it? I hope none of the English majors needs a doctor.

You read it here first: The NFL’s next Kurt Warner is our very own Collin Klein.

Are there any more irritating ads on TV than those of the local cable provider?

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