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May 2, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (May 2)

The first words of the Second Amendment are “a well regulated militia.” Gun fanatics and the NRA don’t seem to read that part.

The first words of the Second Amendment are “a well regulated militia.” Gun fanatics and the NRA don’t seem to read that part.

More guns, more killing. Fewer guns, less killing. Can’t you see that? The reason we are in debt is because of our wars, period. Fewer or no wars, less debt. Get it?

I wonder when the Obama haters and the NRA lovers will turn their attention to the real problems Kansas faces from the current Legislature and governor. I doubt that will happen, as they are probably blinded by their ungrounded fears of gun confiscation.

The dominant religion in the United States is consumerism.

Those still bad-mouthing former President George W. Bush must be doing so either because he was so good that they still feel threatened by him or because they are trying to distract everyone from the destructive incompetence sitting in the White House now.

Had President Truman left Gen. Douglas MacArthur alone, we would have zero trouble with China. Stupid Democrat.

An NBA player announces he is gay. The Wichita Eagle mentions him on the front page, and the president of the United States heaps praise on him. Where in the world did all that come from?

Hear ye! Hear ye! Stop the presses. Gather all the media. I have an announcement. I am straight! Start the presses rolling! On which magazine cover will I appear?

There has been more in the news about Jason Collins, the professional basketball player who said he was gay, than about the murder of our ambassador in Benghazi. Don’t we have our priorities in the wrong place?

Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty of animal cruelty. They both keep whipping the same dead horse.

One thing about reading the Opinion Line: Idiots are still a penny a dozen in Kansas.

An agreement was reached with the casino operators to allow smoking in the casinos, or else there would be no casinos. They are not going to lose 30 percent of their revenue. If you do not smoke, stay at home, save your money and avoid the polluted air outside from cars.

I’m sure I’m not the only one getting a mailbox full of solicitations for money that contain stamps, greeting cards, pens, notepads, calculators and other “free gifts.” I’m pretty sure most of the money I donate goes to the CEOs and all the wonderful “free gifts.”

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