Opinion Line (May 2)

05/02/2013 12:00 AM

05/01/2013 5:22 PM

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Heaven forbid an old school would have be used for a law enforcement training center. You can learn so much more in a $30 million space.

To the people who keep complaining about the ventilation system at the Kansas Star Casino: If you don’t like it there, don’t go. Leaves more room for the rest of us.

If you’re feeling ignored, don’t worry. Eventually President Obama will blame you for something, too.

Well, now that the federal government has decided that 15-year-old girls can get the “morning-after” pill without parental consent or involvement, what will it do next to undermine the family unit in America?

It is a good thing that the horror of Kermit Gosnell’s abortion practice has been aired. That is how things were done before Roe v. Wade was decided. When the right-to-life folks pass laws to restrict a woman’s legal rights, we’ll be back in the doctor’s unregulated backroom.

Thank you, Kent Winter, for a very sophisticated response to the mayor’s comment (April 30 Opinion). Sedgwick County farmers and ranchers appreciate it. Our day includes health, nutrition and genetics for our cattle. The mayor is welcome to come see how our operation works.

Every dollar spent on defending the state’s new illegal and asinine laws should be taken out of the personal wealth of the governor and legislators, the way the IRS collects back taxes. Garnish unearned income and seize all assets.

I prefer not to enter a building unless I see someone visibly armed. Knowing some of us may get out alive is comforting.

Only in America would 23 homicides in April in Chicago be considered something to celebrate. The city had more than 500 deaths last year and will consider itself lucky if only 400 citizens get shot down this year. Wow. Maybe the NRA will sponsor a parade.

The 10K River Run is now a fun run and not a road race for 60-plus runners, who will no longer compete in age groups and instead be age-graded. I will protest this 10K run by not entering it. I want to compete in my own age group.

My dog was howling in the backyard during the middle of the night. I thought it was from sirens. Turns out he had just seen our weather forecast.

Does anyone actually care if some basketball player is gay?

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