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05/01/2013 12:00 AM

04/30/2013 6:15 PM

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To all the wonderful people who plan, execute and fund the Kansas Honor Flights to visit the World War II memorials in Washington, D.C.: Heartfelt thanks from this 92-year-old combat veteran. And to all who met us coming and going at the airport: Your well wishes were greatly appreciated.

Gov. Sam Brownback is to be commended for his support of Kansas higher education. The only problem is the Legislature’s refusal to fund K-12 education suitably so there will be students capable of entry-level college class work.

I’m old, ill and dying. Five years ago, I signed up my 34-year-old developmentally disabled son for help. I thought by now I could stop worrying that he’ll be homeless when I’m gone. Perhaps I should send him to the Middle East, where all our money is going.

The Kansas Star Casino might change the air every 10 minutes with its $7 million ventilation system, but your clothes still smell like smoke when you leave.

Great news: All you casino anti-smoking whiners now have a “smoke-free” casino to go to in Oklahoma. Well, at least 72 of you. You might want to call ahead and reserve yourself a slot machine.

Let’s put “closing the casino smoking loophole” right up there with “background checks for gun purchases.”

I want to thank the city of Wichita for putting the new speed bumps on westbound K-96 between Greenwich and Woodlawn. It makes my trip home from work enjoyable. Oh, wait a minute – those are the repairs to the road. I couldn’t tell the difference.

One day, kids will be pointing to President Obama’s picture when they’re asked about the moment when the American dream began to die.

President Bush hasn’t said one negative word about Obama or his administration since his retirement. Now that’s class.

I saw the editorial cartoon comparing the Westboro Baptist Church to Islamist terrorists (April 29 Opinion). I do not agree with the Westboro church members’ methods, but have they ever killed, bombed, beheaded or maimed other people because of their opinions?

So a big basketball player from the NBA, Jason Collins, came out gay. Who cares? I’m so tired of hearing people coming out of the closet. Please keep your sex problems to yourself.

Now that Manti Te’o has been picked up by the NFL, maybe he can afford a real girlfriend.

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